No Bars

from by OBY

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[Verse 1]
Let’s take a message from the pessimist saying rap is irrelevant,
That the music is dead and we’re post, past our prevalence,
Well that’s a definite dynamite that you’re lighting,
I know you’re checkin’ the lyrics checkin’ I must be biting
While you’re citing I’m copyrighting it’s so excited,
You copying the homework, I’m lobbying the soul’s worth,
Rookie game to pro sport, rolling with life when it’s fighting,
I don’t need to strike twice you could say it’s lightning,

Fresh taste, I’m staying from word cursing,
Lookin for a place I’m trying to find work in,
Started planning business in class I was ignored,
You could, give me a book and call me LeVar Burton,

Give me a hook, and call me your mom’s curtain,
Hangin on to life when life gets to hurting,
I love runnin into old friends who hate me,
Now they’re looking crazy, like “wait B”

Is that really you Oby?
Shoot you don’t look the same homie!
Well keep doing your thang and Imma’ do mines,
And we can get it goin’ I’m sayin’ like any time
Keep doing your, thang and Imma’ do, mines,
It’s time we get it forward man it’s getting out of line.

Keepin it super fresh you would think I was OCD,
Like 17 singles, I ain’t get no CD,
Super trigger button yea I’m R2, You’re C3,
PO I’m just like “Free Peace” B.O. you cannot stink me.

From a place without bullets, we still got shooters
Yea I say corrupt rulers since the days of Martin Luther,
And past that, my grams said “your nothing till you pass that,
Knowledge to your children” I just began to grasp that.

The whole family comes around, cuz Sue in this movie,
Getting caught up? That’s a mistake. Getting sued by some groupie,

I promise that I’ll always do my best to keep my head up,
I promise that I’ll never have you stressin when I’m fed up,
I promise that I’ll always keep it real and never dress up,
And I promise to take responsibility when I mess up,

And if I break it, promise me yu won’t take it,
Though true love is patient it’s not fatal does that make sense?



from Becoming (EP), released February 14, 2016
Title: No Bars
Written by: Isaiah Oby
Composed and Arranged by: Isaiah Oby & OBY (Band)



all rights reserved


OBY Chicago, Illinois

With playful lyricism and dynamic grooves, OBY features a DJ, "Sax Pack" and a rhythm section to create what they call "Big-Band/Hip-Hop."

Hip-Hop Gospel/Jazz

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