Road Trip

from by OBY

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[Verse 1]
So many times I hear “Isaiah what’s your occupation?”
They feelin’ parched I had to spit to give em saturation,
I got a few jobs, but I hope that I can quit them soon,
With a pad in Chi that hi rise with a quite nice room,

It’s not that I don’t like roommates I’m too clean,
I might just have OCD,
So you don’t see me when I’m not on TV
And if you do I’m with my crew that changes all to soon,
So please pray for me, thankfully, I’m changing on blue moons,

I hear “Isaiah you rockin!” and “I’m not copin’!”
“You copying all these rappers!” and “I’m lobbying for your stature”
Hit me up some, turn the cup once, hit the blunt but I don’t smoke
Give me pennies for these boomerangs you go broke

Give me Denny’s for these 6am’s you no joke
Pops is Joe, but he’s not average, average joe be slingin’ coke
I’m speaking on a figurative basis,
That’s serious patience,
Like Pickett in Matrix

[Verse 2]
Two months past future
Two months last forever
Two months pass as two much has past
Let’s do lunch together
In this fair weather
We should work this out like punch the leather
That's a punching bag and i'm sittin sufferin sucatash
Listinin’ wonderin’ how many classes do I have to pass before I graduate
I never do anything right
And my brothers and I aren't fly
Never done anything W R ight,
You alright? (yea)

No, my mission it has never been to get rich
Though it definitely wouldn't hurt
Like baby shampoo or grits in the morning
Or your decadent kiss
Ignorance is bliss
She’ll understand

Ignorance is this, foolish boy in the mirror
I got drive but I’m steering your rear view left cuz I’m veerin’
Right and wrong couldn't be any clearer
“Stay on this road that I had paved for you” said my pops and Jesus
“But you act like you don’t need us”


from Becoming (EP), released February 14, 2016
Written and Composed by: Isaiah Oby



all rights reserved


OBY Chicago, Illinois

With playful lyricism and dynamic grooves, OBY features a DJ, "Sax Pack" and a rhythm section to create what they call "Big-Band/Hip-Hop."

Hip-Hop Gospel/Jazz

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