Becoming (EP)

by OBY

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The "Becoming" EP is the long awaited debut project for the Chicago based band, Oby. The project is about the growing pains of faith, love and art; with the central theme revolving around the battle between Art vs the Artist and where God fits in the middle. The project was recorded in early 2015, when the band was finding and solidifying it's sound, which is heard from song to song in the EP. The band decided to release the project anyway with the intention of taking fans on the journey of learning about each other and the music. This EP is the prelude to the upcoming album to be released Summer of 2016.

Dedicated to Kevin McDermott, the man who made all of this possible. He will be greatly missed. His life and passion for the arts has not only touched us, but the many generations to come.


released February 14, 2016

"Special Thanks to Rick and Andy at Rax Trax for putting up with my ridiculous studio habits and being patient through my process. They have taught me so much about myself and the kind of person I want to be" - Isaiah Oby

Recorded at Rax Trax Studios and Soundscape Studios

Mixed and Mastered by: Rick Barnes

Oby Band:

Isaiah Oby - Emcee
Julian Fort - Keys/Synth
Terry Patrick - Keys/Synth
Dejon Crockran - Bass
Adam Tuhy - Guitar
James Boyd III - Drums/Percussion
Ryan Person - Drums/Percussion
Jackson Shepard - Guitar
DaVante Miller - Tenor Sax
John Kelsie - Alto Sax
Fallon McDermott - Tenor Sax
Michael Pryor - Dj

Special thanks to friends and family with additional help on recording:

Jeremy Catledge - Trombone
Annie Gaskell - Trumpet
Dawon Washington - Trumpet
Reggie Wilkerson - Bass



all rights reserved


OBY Chicago, Illinois

With playful lyricism and dynamic grooves, OBY features a DJ, "Sax Pack" and a rhythm section to create what they call "Big-Band/Hip-Hop."

Hip-Hop Gospel/Jazz

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Track Name: No Bars
[Verse 1]
Let’s take a message from the pessimist saying rap is irrelevant,
That the music is dead and we’re post, past our prevalence,
Well that’s a definite dynamite that you’re lighting,
I know you’re checkin’ the lyrics checkin’ I must be biting
While you’re citing I’m copyrighting it’s so excited,
You copying the homework, I’m lobbying the soul’s worth,
Rookie game to pro sport, rolling with life when it’s fighting,
I don’t need to strike twice you could say it’s lightning,

Fresh taste, I’m staying from word cursing,
Lookin for a place I’m trying to find work in,
Started planning business in class I was ignored,
You could, give me a book and call me LeVar Burton,

Give me a hook, and call me your mom’s curtain,
Hangin on to life when life gets to hurting,
I love runnin into old friends who hate me,
Now they’re looking crazy, like “wait B”

Is that really you Oby?
Shoot you don’t look the same homie!
Well keep doing your thang and Imma’ do mines,
And we can get it goin’ I’m sayin’ like any time
Keep doing your, thang and Imma’ do, mines,
It’s time we get it forward man it’s getting out of line.

Keepin it super fresh you would think I was OCD,
Like 17 singles, I ain’t get no CD,
Super trigger button yea I’m R2, You’re C3,
PO I’m just like “Free Peace” B.O. you cannot stink me.

From a place without bullets, we still got shooters
Yea I say corrupt rulers since the days of Martin Luther,
And past that, my grams said “your nothing till you pass that,
Knowledge to your children” I just began to grasp that.

The whole family comes around, cuz Sue in this movie,
Getting caught up? That’s a mistake. Getting sued by some groupie,

I promise that I’ll always do my best to keep my head up,
I promise that I’ll never have you stressin when I’m fed up,
I promise that I’ll always keep it real and never dress up,
And I promise to take responsibility when I mess up,

And if I break it, promise me yu won’t take it,
Though true love is patient it’s not fatal does that make sense?

Track Name: Road Trip
[Verse 1]
So many times I hear “Isaiah what’s your occupation?”
They feelin’ parched I had to spit to give em saturation,
I got a few jobs, but I hope that I can quit them soon,
With a pad in Chi that hi rise with a quite nice room,

It’s not that I don’t like roommates I’m too clean,
I might just have OCD,
So you don’t see me when I’m not on TV
And if you do I’m with my crew that changes all to soon,
So please pray for me, thankfully, I’m changing on blue moons,

I hear “Isaiah you rockin!” and “I’m not copin’!”
“You copying all these rappers!” and “I’m lobbying for your stature”
Hit me up some, turn the cup once, hit the blunt but I don’t smoke
Give me pennies for these boomerangs you go broke

Give me Denny’s for these 6am’s you no joke
Pops is Joe, but he’s not average, average joe be slingin’ coke
I’m speaking on a figurative basis,
That’s serious patience,
Like Pickett in Matrix

[Verse 2]
Two months past future
Two months last forever
Two months pass as two much has past
Let’s do lunch together
In this fair weather
We should work this out like punch the leather
That's a punching bag and i'm sittin sufferin sucatash
Listinin’ wonderin’ how many classes do I have to pass before I graduate
I never do anything right
And my brothers and I aren't fly
Never done anything W R ight,
You alright? (yea)

No, my mission it has never been to get rich
Though it definitely wouldn't hurt
Like baby shampoo or grits in the morning
Or your decadent kiss
Ignorance is bliss
She’ll understand

Ignorance is this, foolish boy in the mirror
I got drive but I’m steering your rear view left cuz I’m veerin’
Right and wrong couldn't be any clearer
“Stay on this road that I had paved for you” said my pops and Jesus
“But you act like you don’t need us”
Track Name: Providence (ft. Alma)
[Verse 1] – Isaiah Oby
These bright colors is music becoming visual
I’m bright, colored, and something just so unusual
Don’t run off too far cuz real life’s a spoonful
Keep my ear to fruitful but family’s irrefutable

Drop the animation those jeans I don’t fit in
Etching out the flaws I’m the back of the box, trix, and
Out the norm no popular don’t play like wicked
Consider this life a blessing cuz the lord has risen

Stress is an enemy of progress
My hearts an open book there’s clutter in the words pressed
To lighten up your minds like bright idea
But I gotta wear a frown like a cocktail dress (and that’s never)

So I spend my time dancing with my friends
Taking long walks where there’s not really an end
And I find joy in those simple things
Never eating chitterlings, got big dreams and want a girl who loves to sing

I know I don’t have the illest flow
And I gots to grow
And I’m young with a messy fro,
With lots to know,
I’m no fly there’s no terminal
With lots of thought this boat to row and I’m no soon to go

[Chorus] – Alma Cook
I’m thrown out of focus
From what they do and what they say
And then you come and wash my fears away
And everybody knows this
Nothing suffered nothing gained
But nothing puts me right like how you say my name

[Verse 2] – Isaiah Oby
Well I’ve been leaped on, slept over, emulating coziness
Atmospheric, ask ya dearest, laugh you hearin’ “cold he is”
Low key, I’m super bad like Cory’s kids
“We just wantin’ music did he make it big?” I hope he did (for real)

So keep on tryin’,
I’ll keep on rhymin’
Remember days at school they think I’m lyin’
Why? I didn’t pick the timin’

Couldn’t write a book for hooks the crooked shook and jivin’
So look who took the brook from captain hook and peters flyin’
Hip hop is dyin’, and art is livin’
They didn’t like the feelin’, Interviewers ask me why I played the villain.

If the enemy is just the inner me,
Then the victory – well what a history,
My delivery is the artillery,
I know you feelin’ me I’m airing linens see?

And lucky lady liberty
savin’ your life from misery
you hit the doctor stockin’ antihistamines

And what’s a misdemeanor to a felony?
A think line that walking bass line to a melody,
A subdle change shook the whole conclusion,
I’m Ussain on the track, I’m not quite used to losing.

But I, switched the game up,
Like I’m at the park with Rosa
Back when Ponderosa was given my papa soda
Rap game Sosa, Think I’m on something,
they should wait until I’m older when I’m actually on something like….

[Hook] 2x
Track Name: PainKillers (ft. Alma and Rahkii)
[Verse 1] – Isaiah Oby

So sit back, let's throw watches
Pack the poor pockets with stacks of "more honest"
Got mad plaque, I'm "O-Donist"
Teeth are rotten, all you do is sweet talk and I keep the promise

I reap the profits of practice
And you sleeping all in the mattress
The world is cold here's my jacket
So when I rap this it's a tactic

Like "That's it"
"That's all"
"We're through?"
"I hit em all"

"Till the next time we meet" That's a bad deal
And the way you drop feels is a mad skill
If the heart hurts go and pop and Advil
Yea I got the drive, I'm in a cab still

[Hook] – Rahkii

You make me better
You make me better (x2)

Let's watch the time go by
Let's watch the time go by

[Verse 2] – Alma Cook
Stand up a new anthem
Bust and replant them
Trust and recant them

Your bad luck bought a new phantom
That wants to fix all your troubles with a few tantrums

But you're too handsome

Whatever comes out your lips
Is always eclipsed by the poise
I'm hit with a noise
That drowns out the voices telling me to jump ship

Like "that's it,"
And "that's it,"

See I'm not saying "no" to the disdain
But I'm not saying "go" I'm saying this pain
Is too much for a Tylenol
See I got the 'Who? What?' but the 'Why' is all


[Bridge] – Isaiah Oby
And my world is stolen
Locked up together like our path was chose
My devotion to you was not potent
My erosion was pre-conceived notions

And that night was a fairy tail
You let your hair down I tried and I still failed
You're making moves I'm in the dark like I need braille
Getting lost on this path I need a new trail

Now I’m here,
And I’ve done this for you